3 iPad Movie Trailer Designs That Are Shaping My ‘Style’


Movie Trailer page designs give me great ideas.

Go through iTunes, and click on various movies.

You’ll see wonderful designs.

Designing my style based on ideas I get from movie studios can make things easy, or hard.

In one sense, all I have to do is flip through a magazine, or now swipe through magazines on the iPad.

When I see something that catches my imagination, I recreate it in a way that works for me.

If you’ve seen my, ‘Style’ Facebook fan page tab, you’ll notice that it’s more like what movie studios would create, than what self employed entrepreneurs would create.

On another sense, seeing something you really like, means that you have to have the skills to recreate it.

Movie studios have someone as the actor, has someone film the footage, another to edit the footage, another to be the photographer, and another to design the artwork in Photoshop.

In my business, I play actor/model, videographer, video editor, photographer, and designer.

That’s not including being the marketer, social media manager, accountant, and every other entrepreneurial hat.

Many people reading this can relate.

However, with a big enough desire to learn, it can be done.

Compare what you see above, that I did myself, with these movie trailer landing page ads that I found in magazines the last couple days.

It’s worth noting that I did not use these as example.

I created my, ‘Style’ design back in October of 2011 based on other movie designs.

These tabs, however, are providing me future ideas.



Notice that each of these has a call to action.

Two of them are calls to action to, “Get Tickets”, and the, “True Blood” promo is to tune in, or visit their Facebook fan page.

I love this approach, and you’ll see me using it more and more.

What movie ads have you liked?

Post a link to them below…maybe you’ll see a similar style in one of my future designs.