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Soulja Boy Mimics My Youtube Videos


Soulja Boy, the platinum selling rap artist, does indeed, seem to be mimicking my Youtube videos.

If you’re unsure who he is, you’ve undoubtedly heard this song, with the video with 124,203,472 views.

None of what follows is Photoshop, or creative video editing on my part.  It’s all as it happened.

I was sitting in front of a canvas print of Scarface, reading the Forbes Billionaires list, and discussing what it’s like to spend time with my friend, Molly, who is an heiress to a billion dollar fortune (5-7 billion actually, but who can keep track?  Well, Forbes does).

Soulja Boy saw that video, took portions of the audio of me speaking, and put it into one of his latest songs, “Gettin’ Paid”.

The song, and my voice, starts at the 34 second mark.

As an entrepreneur, it’s nice to be used in a song called, “Gettin’ Paid”.

That is, after all, what we do.

Clearly, he also took a liking to my red iPhone (simply a red back I had imported from China), from a separate video of mine, and did a little mocking of me.

Out of my friend group, I would have been the last to be picked to be part of a major rap artists rap song.

But, the world can be a delightfully odd place.

I thrive well here.