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Richard Branson vs Donald Trump [Test]


I recently did a test image to see how viral I could get a photo to go.

To clarify, I’ve done quite a number of viral images, but they were of the religious, or political nature, so had no benefit to my business.  However, those have gotten upwards of 2700 likes, more than 1000 shares, etc…it’s trickier to do it in a business capacity.

Here is the Branson vs Trump image:

The description said, “Who is the better entrepreneur? Click, “Like” for Richard Branson, and “Share” for Donald Trump. Let me know why in the comments.”

In addition, I used the promotion tool on Facebook, and selected the $10 option.

What it does is continue to move your post to the top of the news feed, periodically throughout the day, for several days, until the $10 is spent.

On this test I wanted to see how many “likes” I could get, so I positioned Branson first, as the “Like” choice, since I knew he’d drastically be the favorite over Trump.

Next time, I’ll position the favorite as the “Share”, so I can get more shares.

Since I am only just beginning to promote this fan page, there are currently only 666 fans.

So paid promotion is a great option to increase the viewership.

The results, as seen in this screen grab, were the following:

Budget Spent:  $9.95

Reach:  6,514 people.

Likes:  133 total.  112 from paid promotion.

Shares: O (Again, next time I’ll have the more popular figure as the “Share”)

Comments:  28 total.  24 from paid promotion.

[Click Here to see the image on The Movie Star Entrepreneur fan page.]

As a first test, I learned some things that I’ll use for future ideas.

Since just promoting a photo does nothing in terms of generating business, next time I’ll add a link in the description.

In this image, I could have said, “If you want to learn how to brand yourself online like Branson, or Trump, go to http://………….”

The link would have gone to my ‘Style’ eBook where they would learn my branding style, then have the opportunity to hire me to help them with their branding.

P.S.  Here is a viral image test I created in the past during this particular meme craze.  The true results aren’t expressed fully, since many people saved it, and uploaded to their own walls, but it still got around.