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Grunge Black & White Portrait [Tutorial]

Marshall Wayne Black & White - Grunge You’ll often see images like this in magazines. Close up portraits with a grunge look. Here is how I did it… You’ll get more benefit watching it in 1080p on Youtube, here:


Stars Aren’t Born. They’re Branded.


Stars Aren’t Born.  They’re Branded.

The idea for this phrase came to me after seeing this promo for the TV show, “Smash”.

“Stars Aren’t Born. They’re Made” is a famous saying, and I’ve always liked it.

When I saw the promo above, it clicked that in the world of entrepreneurs, the better phrase is, “Stars Aren’t Born.  They’re Branded.”

It could also say, “Entrepreneurs Aren’t Born.  They’re Branded.”

Clearly this could be said for Hollywood as well, since Hollywood is entirely about branding.

When I see a promo that resonates with me, I replicate it, using myself, so I can perfect my own branding.

I was pleased with the result.

So pleased, in fact, that I used it for the template of this site.