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Emulating the Style of Suits, Burn Notice, & White Collar


Suits, Burn Notice, and White Collar are three of my favorite shows.

Less than 30 seconds ago, I finished watching the first episode of Season 2 of, “Suits”.

“She Knows”

This episode is a must for any intelligent entrepreneur to see.

The style of their branding is exactly my style.

I would get along well with whoever does the branding for USA Network.

You already know what my, ‘Style’ Facebook fan page tab looks like.

It was highly influenced by the look of, Suits, Burn Notice, and White Collar.

It’s worth noting that touching your tie, or coat in the shot, like in my image, and in, “Suits”, adds a certain flavor to the shot.

The same principle is happening in the, “White Collar” shot, except the cards add the dynamic.

The only difference in our images is that their call to action is to tune in at a certain time, and date, to USA Network, and mine is an instantaneous call to action.

I’m merging the world of hollywood branding, with the world of direct marketing.

Also, it’s easy to notice that I like the branding of a young man, on a mission in the world, and looking sharp while doing it.

Completely at ease with himself, the world at large, knowing how to get what he wants, and goes after it.

You’ll see my style always reflecting this same attitude.

It’s who I am, who I’ve always wanted to be, and who I intend on continuing to be.