Is Marketing, DECEPTION?


This post is meant to spark debate (post your ideas in the comments), so I’ll keep my ideas short.

However, I’ll say this:

It takes effort, patience, time, and intelligence to become a good entrepreneur.

Telling people otherwise is deception.

Here is a recent post of mine that sums up my feelings…

Even internet marketers agreed with that status.

Since it’s not always easy to know who to trust, I’ll let you know the people in this market that I trust, and leave you with bits of their wisdom that’ll help you know why I trust them.

They are genuine.

Here is a recent status from Kevin Nations

You can learn more about Kevin in this post called, “Kevin Nations in Style in New York City”.


Jason Moffatt, who I’m sure you’re all aware of, literally opens up to the world.

It’s such an admirable trait to leave yourself open for strangers to peer inside.

Here is the video he made to acclimate the crowd to his journey before he gives speeches:


Josh Bartlett, the creator of Easy Video Player, gave a speech at Trey Smith’s Software Seminar where he shares a tough, pivotal decision in his life that took him from his former corporate career, to running his 7 figure software business.

[It’s a Facebook video, not an Easy Video Player video, so it may not work here for some people.]

You’ve likely seen Easy Video Player in action if you watched my, ‘Style’ video.

It works flawlessly.

That link isn’t even an affiliate link.  I just love the service, and think everyone should use it (Allegedly, I may have professed this love of Easy Video Player to Josh at Yanik Silver’s Undergound Seminar in D.C. after about 10 Jack & Cokes…allegedly.)

Of course, there are many more great people, but I want this to be short, so you can think about the relationship between marketing and deception.

Please post your thoughts in the comments.

All comments on either side are welcome.



Lately, when I’ve been writing posts, serendipitous things have been happening right after publishing the post.

Within 30 seconds of publishing, Rebecca Geiger privately Facebook messaged Jason Moffatt, and I the following (she kindly allowed me to post this):

Her message to us couldn’t have reflected the meaning of this post any better, and her video displays the type of authentic openness in marketing that I enjoy.