Kevin Nations in Style in New York City

Kevin, and I met last fall (2011) while I was heading into Vons, the grocery store in La Jolla, to get a huge pumpkin.

I was trying to find the biggest pumpkin I could get my hands on, and he was walking out with a coffee, and had two good looking women on his arms, that would later become my trainers.

In some cosmic twist, this would ultimately lead to Frank Kern calling me a brilliant genius on his webinar with Mike Koenigs:

It’s true, I am the only guy that works out at Frank’s all-female gym.

But that’s for another time.

Back to the pumpkin…

Of course, my spur of the moment mentality based around getting that pumpkin, prevented me from thinking about the 1/2 mile walk back with the pumpkin, and the inevitable hilarity that would ensue as the people around town saw me lugging this big pumpkin, as if I was a pregnant woman.

It was just after Steve Jobs had passed away.

In his memory, I carved that pumpkin into this:

Here is the iconic photo I based it on:

So, my Steve Jobs pumpkin carving idea is what led me to meeting Kevin Nations for the first time.

Since that time he has become a great friend, and mentor.

If you’ve noticed everyone turning to the model of selling high priced services on webinars, Kevin is the guy they are modeling.

I too, have reorganized my business around his ideas, because what he’s doing is exactly what my business needs.

Now and then, we shoot some fun branding style videos.

After Yanik Silver’s Underground seminar in D.C., we took a train up to New York City, and filmed in the city, at night.

The branding video from above, was the result.

Branding videos like that are fun, and important to portray a person’s style.

I do them all the time, and my, ‘Style’ video is my favorite so far.

If that video did it’s desired job, you’re going to want to get more of Kevin.

Kevin’s blog is here.

If you get ahold of him in person though, maybe after a seminar, ask him for advice on a cocktail at the bar.

He’s got some great drink recipes you may enjoy.

You would have seen two of them in the video, at the 36 – 40 second mark.

I would love to see any branding style videos any of you have done for yourselves.

Link to them in the comments so I can see them.

Or, link to any branding style commercial videos you enjoy from large corporations.

I enjoy ideas from everywhere.