Why I Deleted 200 Blog Posts to Start From Scratch

Last night I deleted my entire blog.

I then reinstalled, and am now, with this post, starting over.


Because I wanted a fresh start.

You’ll see that the main page of this site now reflects the brand I intend to portray, “Stars aren’t born.  They’re branded.”

The first two years of this Movie Star Entrepreneur blog was an experiment to lead me to this point.

It did it’s job.

My videos now look the way I want them to look, my designs look the way I want them to look, and my writing for my video scripts is crisp, clear, and persuasive.

It’s time to begin monetizing this experiment of mine, so you’ll soon begin seeing courses being developed, and launched periodically.

My, ‘Style’ video, and eBook is the first shot across the bow.

It’s meant exclusively as a branding piece, so it’s free, and it’s here.

You will, I think, enjoy it.